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Introduction to TigerBot Risk Management

One of the most exciting aspects of TigerBot is the amazing amount of options that you now have access to regarding risk management.

1. An Edge on the Market

A few exchanges may come with one or two basic risk management features built in, but even this may vary from exchange to exchange. With TigerBot, however, you get a consistent array of feature sets that you can now utilize on any supported exchange. It doesn’t matter what supported exchange you’re using, you are now equipped with incredible edge by being able to take all these risk management options with you in your use of every exchange you choose.

2. Unique and Customized

Some of our risk management options are so unique and customized that you can’t find them anywhere else because they are completely unique to TigerBot. This can give you even more of an edge on the market.

3. Beautiful Visuals

Many other trading solutions leave you in the dark as to what exactly is happening to your trade. With TigerBot, however, we believe that visual aids go a long way to help you make informed decisions. This is why we always show you a beautiful visual on the chart regarding exactly what each Risk Management solution does.

4. Full Control

TigerBot Risk Management help you eliminate surprises because now you can set the exact boundaries of all your trades. Don’t let your trades get away on you. You can always stay in control thanks to TigerBot Risk Management.

5. Ongoing Additions

We are always brainstorming new ideas for custom and combination stop loss types and adding them to TigerBot when they are ready, at no additional charge.

Do you have an idea for a custom stop loss type? Feel free to suggest it as a feature request in the #feature-requests channel of our Discord Support Group.

6. How to Choose a Stop Loss Type

Choosing a stop loss type is easy. Once you have a TigerBot Solution loaded on the Chart, and have the Inputs Window loaded, simply select the “Use Take-Profit” checkbox if you desire to use a take profit or select the “Stop Loss” drop down list, where all our stop loss types will be listed for you to choose.

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