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1. What is a Take-Profit?

A Take-Profit is a risk management feature that allows you to specify an exact percentage (in profit) that you want TigerBot to close out your trades at. For example, if you enable a Take-Profit at 5%, it means that you are telling TigerBot to close all your trades as soon as they hit a 5% profit.

2. How to Enable a Take-Profit

To enable a Take Profit, load the Inputs Window on your current TigerBot solution, and select the checkbox titled “Use Take-Profit”

3. How to Specify a Take-Profit Target

To specify your target profit percentage, simply type a number in the text box titled “Take Profit %” that represents what percent (in profit) you want TigerBot to close all trades at. The below example shows a Take-Profit enabled and specified for a 10% close on all trades.

4. What a Properly Configured Take-Profit Looks Like

After you configure your Take-Profit, select the “OK” button at the bottom of the inputs window, and allow a few seconds for the chart to update, you should see a clear, thick green line at the border of every Profit Zone that designates when each trade closes.

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